Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bonjour, Senegal!

We made it, safe and sound with minimal drama. Internet access is not readily available as of yet, so posts will be few for a while, and pics limited. Hopefully, we will have access at the place we are staying soon. In the mean time, meet Senegal as a journey through the senses (except sight, sorry!):

garbage - the sewage system is lacking here
car exhaust

the ocean!! :)
car horns
the goat and baby next door (baa and waah)
Toubab!! - the Wolof name for white people. It's not racial, just a statement of fact.

ice cold coke from a glass bottle
freshly baked french bread
spicy Senegalese rice
cooking oil (palm oil)

Touch or feel:
rabbits - our family has 3 small rabbits. So cute.
fatigue (duh)
ITCHY!!! the bugs have found me, LOL!

Be well. Miss you all! I hope to have pictues soon; ba beneen yoon! A tout à l'heure!

Yendoo ak jamm. Pass the day in peace.

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  1. Yea - very happy to hear you all made it! Well it sounds as though you got plenty of sand!
    Oak Park/Chicago was great! We got lots of pizza and also had Peterson's Ice Cream. We walked a lot to and from the show. The show was good - small it attracted the neighboring community; met two couples that want custom stuff (a banner and a bedskirt). Weather was great - NIN was awesome!!! Miranda and I are getting into some Altered Art for the show in Buffalo in a few weeks. I'll send photo when we got something. Take care, be safe, say hello to John and the kids for us.