Sunday, May 3, 2009

Swap meet

My swap package from the wonderful merwenna, for the Spring Fairytale swap, Folklore and Fairytales:

I was spoiled with my favorite brand of tea, Harney and Sons, a really cool knitting book on which I've had my eye, luscious cotton yarn in fantastic colors, and lust in honey from Haunt, whom I adore! Thank you so very much! 

From redcurl,  book - tastic spoilage for the Booklovers' and Yarn Swap:

So many amazing books with which I am totally unfamiliar. I love it!! I can't wait to dig in. Also, I was so happy to see the Patons classic, as it felts up into a very nice fabric. Thanks, girl! It was a pleasure making your acquaintance.

On to other news...MY FIRST SOCK EVER IS DONE!!!!!!!! I couldn't be any more proud ::wipes away tear::. Take a look and oooohh and aaahhh for yourself:

Just look at that heel. Not bad for a first sock!

I just hope number two looks as good...

My daughter was honored with her artwork posted in an art show at the local high school. How cool is that?!!?

Lastly, for your enjoyment:

Aren't they beautiful? They are a variety of ice plant in an electric pink. I'm thinking computer wallpaper.

Be well, everyone!


  1. Check out that FABULOUS sock! Again, further evidence that you are awesome! (and I'm loving that yarn, by the way...)
    And obviously, your daughter takes after you in the creativity and talent department!

  2. beautiful first sock! your daughter is a cutie--and an artist to boot! :)