Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Confessions of a Swap-o-holic

I love swapping on Ravelry. It's a fantastic way of making new friends and scoring cool booty. I just suck at remembering to post pics of my loot. So, to kill many birds with one post:

From my winter fairytale swap, the wonderful Gaidig spoiled me with many beautiful handmade goodies:

I love Alice in Wonderland, hence her themed package. Delicious teas, a handmade apron, journal, and stitchmarkers with "card" keeper, as well as the softest red and black yarn with which to try my hand at the Alice's Queen of Hearts gloves.

Next, from my For the Love of Letters Stationary swap:

LittleLou1975 sent me the coolest Bettie Page project bag (I know, right!!), so-soft yarn from Russia (!), one of her handmade voodoo dolls (complete with pins), drinkables, goodies from her home country of Scotland (including a pen, postcard, and a cd made by a local band), "handmade by me" hand charms, really cute stationary, and Alice in Wonderland epherma.

Finally, KellyD rocked my vampire world with these goodies for the Love Bites swap:

So much vampy goodness to be had here. The cowl she made out of the softest red yarn was a pattern in my faves. I've barely taken it off, truly. I love that she sent me a book, too. I'm really trying to up my reading quota this year. And the "Support Vampires" ribbon? Genius! My bug will wear it proudly. She also sent me a box of Bigelow tea, complete with a tea carry all for my purse. Perfect, as I am a tea snob and devotee! To round out the happiness, vampy pinback buttons, stitch markers and a skein of Panda Silk in silver tones for my hand at a lace scarf, pattern included. Plus, Valentine's Day socks!

Many, many thanks to my wonderful swap partners!! I am truly a lucky lady!


  1. Look at all that loot!!! I want that Bettie Page bag. Badly! (jealous 1000) ;)

  2. Wow you have a lot. How did you keep up with all of those swaps?