Sunday, February 8, 2009


So, I'm off to Tampa for a meeting this week. It's a good meeting, but the 3 hour time difference kills me every time! Always good for a little self time, as well.

Movie reviews this week:

The Rocker - I love Rainn Wilson. He has one of those voices that your want to wrap around yourself and snuggle up to.  This movie is full of laughs, music, and has a little feel good message, too. Not for the younger ones, though, for outright drunkenness and destruction of hotel rooms (so cliche). We don't want to give them any ideas, huh?

Coraline - I loved this movie. Creepy, magical, and creepy. I haven't read the book yet; I wanted to see the movie first so as not to be disappointed. I am hoping that the book will explain a little bit more and give further character development. GO SEE IT!!!

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