Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beauty, beauty, beauty, beautiful

This is Khoutoum Ngor, a pilgrimage site at the farthest point west in Africa. Pictured is the cave where the Layenne, one of the religious orders that John is studying, believe that after the prophet Muhammad died, his spirit settled here for 1000 years. At night, his spirit would travel the world in search of a place to be reborn. The Layenne come here annually to celebrate the start of their Order. There is a lighthouse here that the French built (not pictured) which the Layenne believe that the French were guided by God to build. The French built it because ships were crashing into the cliffs, but the Layenne claim it represents the light of the spirit of Muhammad.


  1. well, muhammad's spirit sure did select a gorgeous place to settle.

  2. wow.. i can just imagine the intense
    energy there.. or the idea of his
    spirit anyway! sounds like
    you are having a very
    amazing and life
    impacting trip!
    thanks for coming over!
    hearts! :)