Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Routine, interrupted

I see that our president is tackling health care. We had our own experience with the health care system here. Recently, we spent a joyous day at the beach. Perfect weather, great waves for body surfing, lots of swallowed ocean water. The next day my daughter had a fever. A very high fever (I know. What's a mom to do? In all honesty, this is something that could have happened at home. Every year, it seems that beaches are closed more and more frequently). It's scary to be in a foreign country with a really sick kid. I mean, she was waxy, gaunt, and wasting away. I was frightened. Thankfully, Lea, the woman with whom we are staying, took us to a private clinic where she takes her own kids. Outside of the place is a window where you pay your money (about $4.00) and wait to be seen on a first come, first served basis. It was very clean inside, with a nice aesthetic. Open windows and entryways let a nice breeze in, and the staff was pleasant. We waited a little over an hour to see the MD. He was thorough, kind, and even spoke a little English. Ends up R. had an intestinal bug. He gave us a prescription and suggested we have her tested for malaria, just to be safe. All told, we were there 2 hours and a quarter. I would have waited much longer if we were at home, methinks, in urgent care. What a relief.  R. is much recovered, just fatigued and way too thin.  A satisfying experience; one I could have done without, but, c'est la vie. I'm still very apprehensive and watching her like a hawk. I may take her for a follow up appointment right when we get home.

The rainy season has begun, and the flies are wretched!! My husband and son must have killed close to 30 of them in the living room the other day. Thus, I was poetically inspired to pen my first Haiku:

Black and bloated, winged

Annoyed, I swat at the air

Flies, how I hate you.


And another:


Buzzing in my ear

The horse has an advantage

I long for a tail.

With that, I make my exit. Yendoo ak jamm.





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  1. glad to hear R is okay. When are you guys making your way back here? I can't remember. love the fly haikus..keep 'em comin'! ;)