Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Two Sense

My weekend was filled with too much sugar, too much caffeine, and yoga. Saturday was YogaDayUSA, so I headed to my wonderful YMCA and experienced "upward bliss with downward dog" for 2.5 hours. Ahhhhhhhhhh! Everyday should be YogaDay! But, I am sore (in the best way) in virtually every muscle.

I knit, too. I started on my nephew's blanket for his birthday in April. I also cast on my second chalice mitt. And, I've recently felt the urge to pick up my crochet hook again, after a long hiatus. I'm working on a crazy scarf concept that involves the lacy crochet necklace, a drop stitch scarf featuring the lovely and fantastic hand spun yarn from my friend inoxia, here:

and some chunky winter white yarn. We'll see. The mental image doesn't always translate, you know?

Hark! What's that? I hear...RAIN!!!! Rain is such an event here in SoCal that people literally stop what they are doing and scurry outside to get wet. I kid you not. Uh, excuse me while I go stand in the rain...

This week's movie reviews:

Hotel for Dogs - I took my kids with a friend of mine. Cute, heartwarming with a happy ending. Full of furry friends and feel good fun. Far - fetched (get it?), but isn't that why we go to movies in the first place? Stay for the credits! 

City of Ember - I really enjoyed this one, but I'm a fan of Tim Robbins, no matter how small his role. This one is slightly intense, sort of National Treasure meets Wall * E. Entertaining and worth the rental price.

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  1. Awesome stuff. Can't wait to see pictures of the blanket!

    I'm looking forward to the laid back humor of Pink Panther 2.